Optimizing Human Coordination
Eliminating Existential Threats

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Our global research institutes study how humans interact with one another to increase intergroup synchrony, decrease polarization, and optimize problem solving via coordination. We then apply our learnings to help public and private sectors solve humanity's largest challenges.
Preventative Care Systems
Building health systems for the future alongside governments and the private sector.
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Technology & Workforce
Creating solutions for governments supporting a workforce in transition.
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Community & Coordination
Providing citizens with tools and support to problem solve within their own communities.
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Our Ecosystem

Our ecosystem combines

We operate research institutes around the globe to conduct the groundbreaking studies needed to make informed decisions on implementing complex, transformative systems.
Our investment arm finds the best opportunities scaling innovation. With synergies across all our portfolios, the technologies we invest in are easily translatable to any jurisdiction.
With a network that spans the public sector, federal government, and the world of new societies, we understand how to build innovation outward starting from within.
The technology we build supports all of our initiatives. Whether policy innovation, AI and workforce integrations, or alternative financing, our tech stack makes our work possible anywhere on Earth.
Data-driven insights
We leverage data for targeted, effective and scalable interventions that unlock the best in any community and organization.
“It is the long history of humankind that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed”
Charles Darwin

We start with a 100 year vision and reverse engineer innovation across decades.

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Defining Scope & Resource Allocation
This desire to optimize environments can lead to scope creep or kill culture when left unfocused. We will help you define the requirements of your environment and execute flawlessly over decades.
Research & Pressure Testing
Our research methodologies help us develop world class insights into how humans relate and operate with one another. By testing our science in the field, we're able to pressure test all of our approaches before deploying with your company or city.
Implementation & Maintenance
Movements start with visionaries, but become reality with implementors. We're the strategic team that helps put the pieces into place to make the better world that you envision possible.

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