Investment & Entrepreneurship
for the Psychedelics Ecosystem

We focus on helping values aligned entrepreneurs and investors create tangible value for the psychedelics ecosystem. We prioritize impact over ego and people over profits.

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Investment and Incubation

Opportunities for Investors.
Growth for Entrepreneurs.

We provide investors with regular deal flow of the top opportunities in the psychedelics ecosystem. The companies we focus on are values aligned, yield top returns, and are mission driven to their core.

Entrepreneurs that we choose to work with are accompanied throughout their journey and are provided access to all of our resources, support, and contacts.  

Top Opportunities
Apply to be part of our syndicate and receive regular dealflow of top opportunities.
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Support and Incubation
See the companies we support through investment and our incubation program. Values aligned, impact-driven.
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Capital Investment
Interested in receiving funding? Schedule time with us and let’s talk what steps your company needs to take today.
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Research, Data, & Analytics

An investment platform that prioritizes social impact

Most platforms provide the basics using webscraping and public data. We work at a grassroots level to provide you with insights into opportunities and help you know what’s out there along with the red flags your team needs to pay attention to.

News and Updates

Media that provides a platform for every perspective

Whether you’re looking to keep up to date with the industry or the entire ecosystem, Psyched Studio has you covered. We interview healers, activists, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, anthropologists, and everyone involved in contributing to positive change in the space. Read articles, listen to podcasts, and watch videos to get the more holistic view you’re looking for.

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Expertise, Passion, Community

Industry experts building a just, equitable, and legal path for psychedelic healing

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