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The Center for Collective Healing is a decentralized research institute focused on studying communal approaches to health. The first physical hub exists in partnership with Howard University. This hub will be the first research institute dedicated specifically to studying social neuroscience approaches to community health and group therapy.
Building health systems for the future alongside governments and the private sector.
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Technology & Workforce
Supports various languages for global reach and engagement.
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Community & Coordination
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Our Ecosystem

The Modalities We Use

Multimodal Languages
Multimodal languages combine different “modes” of communicating including movement, song, speech, and writing to communicate what might be impossible only through written or spoken word. Can outward expressions of the ephemerality we experience be a bedrock for community?
Immersive Technologies & Experiences
Virtual reality and other immersive technologies that can simulate experiences not possible in the world today. How can gaming transform communities for the better? How do virtual worlds supplement human communication when we’re in lockdown?
Traditional Therapy
Cognitive behavioral therapy, talk therapies, community therapy, and traditional family therapy. Using the most accessible modalities available today to push the limits of collective healing and intergroup synchrony.
Alternative Therapies
Exploring outside the realm of traditional therapies. Somatic approaches, family systems, neurofeedback, EFT, and therapies yet to be integrated into the average therapists toolkit.
Data-driven insights
We leverage data for targeted, effective and scalable interventions that unlock the best in any community and organization.
“It is the long history of humankind that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed”
Charles Darwin

Areas of Research

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Social Bias & Racial Stress
Understanding the mechanisms of social bias and racial stress in treating mental health symptoms could go as far as helping us reduce the chance of war in polarized regions. How does integrative group work influence bias, connectedness, and stress when paired with novel therapies?
Couples Work & Family Therapy
Studying long term couples, new couples, and strangers in their relationships can provide us with powerful insights into collective healing. Looking at social connectedness and interbrain synchrony in these different demographics is essential for our understanding of human coexistence. Could improving relationships show enhancements in neural correlates of social connection?
Climate & Nature Relatedness
Can the group format to therapy both enhance connectedness to nature as well as reduce climate apathy and climate anxiety. Studying the group format in and out of naturalistic settings can provide insights into the best environments for increasing nature relatedness in patient populations.
Coordination and Problem Solving
How do polarization and poor intergroup dynamics affect our ability to coordinate and solve our world’s biggest challenges? Can our health systems shift to a model where individual health is one piece of a much larger puzzle and collective healing is our greatest tool against existential threats?

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